HR Recruitment

We manage the full recruitment lifecycle, from writing engaging advert copy to creating a well-rounded shortlist and managing the offer/rejection process.  Your assignment will be managed by a highly experienced HR Recruiter, meaning that you can focus your time on your own workload, whilst we use our experience to source and engage with relevant candidates for your position.

The days of recruitment agencies dining out on the size of their database are over. The emergence of platforms such as LinkedIn means that identifying potential candidates has never been easier, however, the real skill of recruitment remains the same and that is the ability to attract and engage relevant candidates to your position.  This is what takes the time and ultimately what you pay us for.

Our process brings together advertising, direct contact, social media, and networking. Through a combination of established relationships, networking, and referral we will endeavour to create a well-rounded shortlist, rather than simply forwarding on the results from an advert response.

Although we support our search efforts with carefully selected online advertising, our focus and the real way that we add value is by supplying candidates that your own direct methods do not reach.  We work hard to ensure that every candidate we submit will have a positive impact on your overall recruitment assignment.

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