Early Career – HR

Do you remember your first HR role?

Exciting wasn’t it?

Getting to grips with a new industry.  Maybe even your first job and so much to learn.

Good times.

It’s not always easy though for candidates looking to find this elusive first role.

Finding proper advice and guidance on developing your career in HR can be hard to find.

The volume agencies are not set up to do this, which can leave our future HR colleagues frustrated

We understand this and really enjoy helping people launch and develop their HR careers.

Often experienced HR Recruitment support is reserved for mid to senior-level vacancies, meaning early career recruitment can become overlooked.

We appreciate the commercial realities of managing your recruitment budget. There is only so much to go around.

With this in mind, we have devised an early career solution that gives you the professional support you would expect for a senior HR hire but at a highly competitive price point.

For all roles up to £25,000, we offer a fixed fee service of £2000 with 25% paid as an initial retainer.

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