HR Resourcing – Common Questions

Whenever you move away from the traditional way of doing things then there are bound to be some questions. 

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Why do you offer these solutions instead of sticking with the traditional contingency model?

It comes down to value, and when we say value we mean a fair deal for all parties.  We want our customers to gain value for money for the services that we provide and in return, we want to get paid fairly for the work that we do.

There are incidents where the traditional contingency way of working does not allow this.  Recruiting companies can end up paying “a lot for a little” or recruitment companies can undertake a lot of work and receive little for their efforts.  It is our view that if you do not want a recruiter to manage the full life cycle of your assignment then there are better ways of working.  

Where do these solutions work well?

We have often found that when we are working with fellow HR or Internal Recruitment professionals they are willing and able to manage certain parts of the recruitment process themselves.   They could have already started recruiting for a role and need some additional resourcing support or they may want to take a more active role in the offer/onboarding element of the assignment.

In these instances, the traditional contingency model does not represent value and will more than likely dilute candidate experience.  Our HR Resourcing Solutions allow us to work alongside your team and existing activity, providing expert HR Recruitment support at a highly cost-effective price point.

How do you ensure high levels of candidate experience?

We work alongside you as a professional advisor helping you to engage high-quality candidates. We ensure that all candidates are handled with courtesy and respect. Each candidate receives the same level of interaction and information, which helps to ensure a consistent and smooth candidate experience.

How good are you at HR Recruitment?

We like to think we are pretty good! Our experience in HR Recruitment dates back to 2005 and we have successfully recruited at all levels across the UK and EU.  We have a strong understanding of the HR market and are very easy to work with.

Do you offer any guarantee?

Yes, we guarantee that we will do what we say that we are going to do. Our focus is on quality and our promise is that we will have a positive impact on your recruitment assignment. We will speak with you at the start of each assignment and agree on realistic outcomes for the work that we do together.


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