Have you ever been recruiting, and thought it would be useful to have the help of a specialist Recruiter, however, you don’t necessarily need or want to engage with them on a full life cycle basis?

In our experience this can happen for a number of reasons:

  1. You have started the process, but only really need support attracting and engaging some additional candidates for your position.
  2. Your internal HR team is busy on other projects and so you need help with the candidate attraction element but have the internal capability to manage the later-stage interview/offer/onboarding aspect of the process.
  3. You want the input of a senior specialist recruiter but do not have the budget to engage on a traditional multi-agency basis.

A typical scenario for the first 2 situations, would be to engage several agencies on a multi-agency contingency basis and ask them to send you some more CVs.  If one of them gets lucky with the successful candidate then you’ll pay them a 20% fee.

In these instances though, it would be more advantageous to engage a well-networked specialist to help you with the specific tasks that you need support on.  If the outdated multi-agency contingency model is not proving value for you, then this is where our candidate attraction solutions can offer you a high-quality and cost-effective alternative.

We partner with you to create a quality HR shortlist, ensure everyone is treated with courtesy and respect, and charge you a fair consulting fee for doing so.

Try it, you just might like it!

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